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table massage

In terms of quantity and quality, table massage is it. There are so many techniques, angles and pressure changes the massage therapist can use with a table that virtually every part of the client’s musculature or energy meridian can be accessed. The massage therapist can stand, sit, or kneel allowing free movement about the client to deliver whatever physiological change the client desires.

Perhaps you just want to relax. Then light to medium pressure might just be for you. If extra focus is wanted on a favorite area such as the neck or back, we can easily adjust the massage to custom fit your needs.

Deep pressure can be used for a large muscle or muscle area. The rectus femoris muscle in the anterior leg or biceps brachi in the arm can handle deeper work, as well as many muscles in the back.Perhaps there is a problem area. For instance a “bad” back is very common, and can be debilitating for some. Whether your lower back pain is severe or is just a mild nagging feeling that has bothered you for a while, a simple test can locate exactly where the source of the problem could be.

Did you know that in most cases pain in the back does not involve a problem with the lumbar discs?
Whatever your concerns, at West Side Massage we will do whatever it takes to achieve the end result that you need to bring your body/mind relationship back to alignment.



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