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Welcome to West Side Massage Therapy. We are designed as an extension and natural progression of the training philosophy of West Side MMA, located at 21734 Provincial Blvd in Katy, Texas. West Side MMA has been the premier martial arts school in Katy and Houston for over three years. They have over 250 active members in their martial arts and fitness programs. Thirty percent of their active clients are families. All of these professional, amateur and beginning students benefit greatly from the training regimens that West Side provides.

Superior athletes can be trained in a shorter amount of time adhering to this principle: superior instruction with superior equipment. West Side MMA’s facility boasts over 12,000 square feet of specially designed floor padding, training gear, bags and equipment, and a full size octagon for combat simulations. Their instructors are the finest in the world. Each instructor is a competitor, representing Texas and America in State, National, and International competitions. Thus, West Side Massage Therapy was created in 2009 to supplement the recovery aspects of martial arts training.

Martial Arts and Massage are very similar, in the fact that both are very complicated as an art and a science. At West Side Massage Therapy we use every tool at our disposal to achieve the results the client expects. The equipment we use is first rate, barring no expense to provide an environment where the client can relax and expect a beneficial massage. Our therapists are licensed by the State of Texas. They have committed many of the human body systems to memory so that any issue a client may have can be resolved quickly and efficently.

At West Side Massage Therapy we service the needs of Katy and West Houston. Whether from training, or the stress and demands of your daily grind has you in the need of muscular and mental stress reduction, please come and visit us. Check out the tabs on our website for more information that you can use for yourself, or visit www.katyjiujitsu.com to inquire about their martial arts and fitness programs.

West Side Massage Therapy
21734 Provincial Blvd Ste 240
Katy, Texas 77450


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