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sports massage

This massage is part of an athlete’s training regimen and consists of two parts.

Pre-event massage consists of quick and rhythmic pumping actions to boost circulation and increase flexibility to reduce the chance of muscle trauma. Stretches can be used to increase the lubrication of synovial fluid in the joints. The massage chair is excellent for prepping the arms and upper body, while the massage table is good for legs. This massage is quick, about 15 or 30 minutes. Pre-event sports massage gives a physiological and psychological advantage to the athlete.

Post-event massage is after the workout session and its main purpose is to prepare the muscles and joints for the rehabilitative process. Lactic acid is made to flow out of muscle tissue and increased circulation is utilized to bring nutrients to the muscle cells. Range of motion on the joints and deeper, slower pressure is used to relax the athlete. The application of cold and/or hot is most beneficial for this massage.



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